Wednesday, June 1, 2022

May 2022

This month ended on one of the saddest notes ever. Please consider supporting Everytown - I have lots to say/opinions, but it all comes down to please support causes that protect and will continue to protect our schools and kids.

For May, I read a lot, listened (to music) a lot, and watched a lot!

Also, my mom had knee replacement surgery. I've witnessed it many times before with other friends and family - no fun when you're on the receiving end! I hate that she had to do a replacement, but I'm so excited that she's getting (eventual) relief and quality of life back. 

And, we had high school graduations - woo - hoo! I am sooo old - my nieces and nephews are flying through HS, and one is about to finish college. It's crazy!

A dear family friend flew in from Colorado for one of the graduations. She was here five years ago for another graduation, so we attempted to recreate this photo:

It took me many tries, and there was a lot of laughter :-)


Florida, by Lauren Groff. A selection of short stories that take place in or out of - you guessed it, Florida. The Sunshine State is complicated (at least for me as someone born and raised there), and she does a great job describing that complexity: beauty, danger, heat (and more heat). Most of these stories are dark, so if you are looking for a feel-good beach read, I don't think this is it.  

I needed something lighter, so I then read The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory. It's a series, and I read the second one first (The Proposal) a few years ago (oops, but it didn't matter). These are fun for summer.

Untamed. So freaking amazing! I've followed Glennon Doyle for a long time, but this is the first book of hers I've read - it's got so many beautiful insights. I can't recommend it enough, and now I want everyone on the planet to read it.


Under the Banner of Heaven. Dark, quiet and creepy (as intended).

Barry - Season 3. A fave around here.

Grace and Frankie - final season. Loved this series. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are such badasses. The last episode has an appropriately fun cameo too.

The Power of the Dog - I liked this film and did not expect to. It's not the feel-good film of the year; it's complicated and very well crafted.

Hacks - Season 2. Such a great, funny series!

This Is US - series finale! Cue all the tears! Ugh! I will miss this show so much (me and pretty much everybody else). I was so happy throughout the series when I saw Ken Olin's name in the credits (he's a producer and director on the show). As a late teen, I loved thirtysomething (still do!) and value his continued contribution to great TV family dramas.

We don't have an Apple TV subscription, but I am about to cave as I really want to watch CODA (amongst other things). So much streaming!!!


We went to the movies!!! Everything Everywhere All At Once. This is a crazy ride, but one worth taking! It's creative, confusing, heart-warming, and, oh, did I mention crazy? :-) Overall, it's incredible, and you really have to see it to get it and even then, you may not get it.

Also, I am super excited about The Bob's Burgers Movie! After King of the Hill, it's my fave adult animation show. Yay and yay! My husband texted me this pic one day - so funny! :-)

Duran Duran made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - woo hoo! I may or may not have submitted a fan vote... ;-) 

My mom and sister told me about Tru Fru snacks, and I'm in love! If you haven't tried these, check them out. They are on the pricier side, but I think they are 100% worth it. I also love GoodPop pops- they have fun flavors (mango chile!!!) - give me all the frozen snacks this summer!!!

This is random, but I finally found a stevia-free electrolyte powder. I drink a lot of water but sometimes struggle to stay hydrated. Stevia usually triggers migraines for me, so I steer clear. Anyway, after a billion searches, I landed on this one. It's stevia free as it's unflavored, which works for me. It does have a mineral-like taste, so I often mix it with True Lemon or Lime packets (or some fresh fruit squeezed in). If you fall into the same boat as me and have wanted to try a hydration booster, this might be a good solution. 

And speaking of migraines, I lost a day to one in May. Luckily, it seems like this happens less and less, but every six months or so, one just knocks me out, and I pretty much sleep/can't do anything all day - it's the worst. It usually goes like this:

  • 3:30 AM, wake up with pain and take rescue med
  • 4:30 AM, wake up with pain and realize the rescue med did nothing - take another dose
  • 5:30 AM, wake with pain and take an over the counter med (as you can't exceed the rescue meds over 24 hours)
  • 7:30 AM, wake up with pain and realize you didn't sleep well all night and the rescue meds make you super drowsy (it's never a good idea to drive after you've taken these meds) - call into work/or plan to work from home (some times I can wing it).
  • Go back to sleep (or try to) and drink as much water/fluids as possible. Use ice packs, and keep any scent, noise and light down. 
  • Eat or order some food in the afternoon because you are now exhausted and hungry. Eat, drink more fluids, and go back to sleep because you feel like you've been run over.
  • Go to bed early and hope for the best. 

Ugh - if you know, you know. 

I am also fortunate to work from home or a hybrid version for the past five years. Again, relief often means you should not drive - the meds are helpful but can still destroy your day. 

On to better things...

I stumbled across this video. I first heard "Silent All These Years" when I was 20, and my mind was blown, and the world shifted in the best possible way. Shortly after, I was standing outside of a Publix (I think - it must have been some kind of Ticketmaster location) to get tickets for the Little Earthquakes tour. I also remember another woman in line asking me who Tori Amos was (she was getting tix to another show); I waxed poetic, and I'm sure she thought I was being overly dramatic. Lol, anyway, it's been 30 years, and the album is still perfect. I've seen her in concert two or three times, and her talent never ceases to amaze me.

If you've made it this far - thanks!! Last but not least, we got a puzzle table. It's such a great analogue/put down your phone activity. These tables are great because you can fold down and stow them away.


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