Wednesday, April 27, 2022

March 2022

Ah, Spring! 

It's hard to see, but the oak tree was starting to bud out and seeing how April is almost over, I'd better get to this post!

March kinda came in like a lion as we had a backyard tree fall. Leaning tree + lots of wind = :-(. Luckily, there was no damage; we noticed it leaning and already had a tree service out to get a quote. Mother Nature beat us to it! Ugh!

It feels like life is getting back to "normal", and it felt great to get out and do more things and see more people.

My sister invited us to join her office for box seats at an Atlanta Hawk's game.  They won too!

We ate at Skips! If you know, you know. No, it's not a big deal, but eating inside a restaurant is right now. It was a blast to sit in a booth, listen to fun music, and dive into a Chicago Dog!

We took a road trip to visit my sister-in-law (and some other friends and family) in FL.  We stayed about an hour from my hometown, and I had not been home in a super-long time, so we packed a lot in!

Smoked fish for the win! :-)


I didn't read anything that smacked me in the face this month :-), but I did enjoy:

Ten Thousand Doors of January. Beautifully written and a fantastic adventure.

Hooked: How Crafting Saved My Life. I'm a fan of Sutton Foster, and this was a fun read.

Maid. This was turned into a series on Netflix (I haven't watched it yet).


Emily in Paris - wrapped up the second season.  Such a guilty pleasure and oh, the fashion - so fun!

Finally finished the first season of Bridgerton (just in time for the second one to start).

Somebody Somewhere - LOVED!!! It reminded my husband of Schitt's Creek, and I can see that - definitely worth checking out.


I love shoes. I especially love Birks, sneakers, loafers, and stacked-heel sandals...basically all things you wear on your feet. Lately, I love these Nike Waffle Racer 2X sneaks. The colorways!!! Unfortunately, I was late to the party and they are no longer on the Nike site, but pretty easy to find on the interwebs (Poshmark, eBay).  They are so comfortable and fun. I highly recommend them if you need/want some cute sneakers.

And when not in sneakers, after a loooong hiatus, I painted my fingers and toes. :-) Hello, Spring! 

We had some pretty pink-hued sunsets.  

After years of issues (grr!), we had our basement waterproofed.  The timing was ideal as we had lots of storms after, and it felt like a true luxury not to vac up water.  The basement did have a sump pump, but the elevation and placement were not effective.  Here's the new one; I know it's not pretty, but it's a vast improvement:

My grandmother was known for her cooking. One of her signature dishes was tomato gravy with homemade biscuits.  Have you ever had a tomato gravy?  I've never seen it on a menu (even a southern one) or mentioned out in the wild. My brother is also a great cook and makes an outstanding version of it.  I made it this past month but kept it super simple. It was delicious.  

Here's my version:

  • In a skillet/whatever you have, heat four tablespoons of butter (salted or unsalted) and whisk in four tablespoons of flour (make a roux).
  • Add in one 16oz can of diced tomatoes (really, any kind of canned tomatoes will work here - fresh too!).
  • Whisk in a half-cup to one cup (eyeball it) of milk or cream (half and half would be fine too - I used oat milk) and salt and pepper. Stir until combined; add more liquid if you feel it's too thick.  Serve hot.

That's basically it! This is not health food - ha - but it's a treat, and the tomatoes' tangy acid cuts through the roux's heaviness. My grandmother used to grow and can tomatoes every year, and I'm guessing that was a significant factor in her making this - maybe she grew up eating it too?  I'm not sure, but I know it's rich and delicious to add to a brunch menu. I love it over biscuits, but I also think it would be amazing on meatloaf or chops.

I hope the weather is lovely wherever you are - cheers!