Monday, February 28, 2022

February 2022

Posting this seems so small compared to what's happening in the world right now (and it is!). Please consider donating to an aid organization - especially one that supports children. We are all connected, and taking action towards peace, no matter how small, helps the world become better.

So the big news in our world in February was that I turned 50! 

Due to COVID (I know, everyone is tired of reading that..), it was relatively low-key, and I was happy with that as I got to have parties when I turned 30 and 40. Low-key and casual is perfect! I want to go on a trip with my husband sometime this year, but I need to figure out where I'd like to go and when it may be safer. It looks like things are heading in a healthier direction, and here's to it staying that way. Fingers crossed!

But until the said trip, I was much loved on - my parents visited us (my husband's bday is also around the same time as mine) and came bearing cake, flowers, gifts, and got us all delivery from a fave Italian place.

My mom makes the prettiest gift bows; this photo does not do it justice. I always keep them and often reuse them. :-)

We were treated to dinner at Le Colonial with some dear friends (also bearing gifts and even a champagne toast!). I should have taken a few photos, but we were having fun and enjoying all the delicious food and company - it was fantastic!

My sister sent me cute mini cupcakes! If you haven't tried Baked By Melissa, they make a fun gift.

We also had a post bday/valentine's dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants - basically, it was a month-long celebration with lots of great food, friends, + family. I am all for it and so thankful! :-) 


American Dirt was the best thing I read. It's heartbreaking and important. While reading it, I would often think - I have no problems, none. And while, of course, I do, it puts the world in a very different perspective. It's also very topical; the details are not the same, but it sheds light on refugees. Highly recommend!


Better Things came back the very last day of Feb - yay!

Duran Duran was featured on Austin City Limits! This technically hit in January, but I waited and watched it around my birthday. Cue all the smiles!.

If you need a fun, girlfriend-centric show, check out Dollface on Hulu. 


I made no-knead bread. I read this cute book (Sourdough: A Novel) and was inspired. I've been making this recipe for years (but there are many similar ones if you Google it), and it never fails. I'm tempted to start a sourdough starter, too...we'll see. Anyway, some bread turned into grilled cheese (yes!). A treat for sure!

I won a contest on Instagram! 

Flower Beauty (one of my faves!!! I've bought many of their products) held a Valentine's Day contest, and I was one of two winners. They contacted me on the 2/22/22 :-) and a box was on my doorstep the next morning - crazy, generous, and so lovely!  

Anyway, I love stuff like this, and it's a reminder to always take a shot. Thank you, Flower Beauty + Drew Barrymore!

We also had many days of "fake Spring" - no complaints!

This dude had his annual check-up and got put on a diet (doh!) - he's not happy about it, but clocked in at 42 lbs and really should be around 35. !!! He's not keen on walking. If you have tips on how to get a beagle-basset to walk, hit me up, please!

Here's to peace and health!



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