Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Survey spotlight: Opinion Outpost

I take surveys, test products (see here, here, & here for a few examples), & attend focus groups on a regular basis. Why? Because besides the extra cash, I think it's a lot of fun & can do it in my spare time or on the go.

Going forward, I will highlight some of the sites I like best - full list here - & will try to give you the pros & the cons based on my experience with each site. These posts may contain affiliate links (disclosure policy here) & if you are a member of a great site I haven't listed, please let me know!

Why I like Opinion Outpost (I've been a member since 2006):

  • The frequency of requests: I get at least one request per day & usually multiple requests per day.
  • A variety of rewards - you can pick from:
    • PayPal (1000 points = $10)
    • MileagePlus (105 points)
    • Alawar Games (30 points)
    • Amazon (50 points)
    • iTunes (100 points)
    • Donate to the American Red Cross (5 points)
    • You can also use points for prize drawings (this one I don't recommend!).
  • Fast payout! When you redeem points for cash, the funds are in PayPal asap - I love this & very few survey companies are this fast. It's the biggest pro for Opinion Outpost.
  • Product tests - some surveys will lead to a product test. Product will ship to you (toothpaste, shampoo, soap, you name it) & then a follow-up survey to gather your thoughts. You often get to keep the item but sometimes, they will ask for it back (free to ship back), so they can analyze wear & tear or keep the product under wraps.

  • Even though I get a lot of requests, I don't qualify for every survey sent to me which equals a waste of time (this is the case for all survey sites). 
  • Some survey companies will give a small compensation if you don't meet the requirements needed - Opinion Outpost does not. They will enter you into a prize drawing, but I've yet to win anything more than a few extra points here & there.
  • They also often have small, pre-screener surveys which I also find to be a waste/unnecessary (it feels like they want extra info with no incentive to the survey taker).
  • Their graphics & overall look feel a little spammy to me (they are not spammers); I wish their graphics looked a bit more polished & professional. A small thing, but I also think it matters.
Is it worth signing up with Opinion Outpost? Overall, yes. No, you will not get rich but it's fun & the super-fast payout is a huge plus.


ps: you can read even more about Opinion Outpost here via the Survey Police website.

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