Friday, March 24, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

I'm still trying to wrap up 2016 (how is it spring already?) & one of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. I especially love Thanksgiving because it means a trip to see family in New Jersey & a visit to NYC too. 

Fall in New York? Yes, please!

We flew into Newark, rented a car, & then made our way into Hoboken - I posted this photo before - it was our Thanksgiving day greeting & I took it as a positive sign. :-)

Hoboken has the best views of New York City:

During our long weekend we walked the High Line Park - it was my first time exploring & I'm ready to go back! It's a 1.45 mile elevated (old railroad) pathway full of art, gardens, architecture, people/pets, & some amazing views.

The moody sky stole the show:


You can also see the Statue of Liberty - you'll have to squint to see her in my pic, but she's there in the center of it all:

And again, that sky!



PS - if in Hoboken, get a coffee at La Isla (eat everything at La Isla!)

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