Thursday, March 23, 2017

Favorite Things: Schitt's Creek

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OK, I guess I'm on a TV tear these days. Years ago, I would have never been so happy recommending TV shows, but there's so much talent & greatness on all of our screens that how can you not? 

Thank you, Canada for this gem of a show as well its creators Eugene Levy (love him - Best in Show? one of my absolute faves) and his son Dan Levy. It also features the brilliant Catherine O'Hara - anytime you have Eugene with Catherine = funny, smart perfection. 

The 3rd season is currently airing on CBC TV (& I think on the Pop Network in the US - which I can't seem to get), but we streamed the first two seasons via Netflix & can't wait to catch up down the road. It's the story of the beautiful & affluent Rose family who suddenly finds themselves with nothing but each other & trying to figure out a new life in a new (we're not in Kansas anymore) town called - you guess it, Schitt's Creek

If nothing else, watch it for the wardrobe selections! :-)


PS: Eugene Levy's daughter, Sarah, is also a cast member - the entire cast is crazy-good!

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