Thursday, March 9, 2017

Boston, Day 1 - October 2016

Life tip: If you wear crazy-colored sneakers while traveling, people will talk to you lots & it makes the trip a lot more fun!

Waaaay back in October, I got to travel to Boston with my husband. 

I've been lucky to visit Boston twice before but this was the longest stay & I got to explore the city a lot more. I was able to get around mostly by foot (loved), but my phone's battery often had trouble keeping up - I used Google Maps & Google Trips a lot! It was my first time using Google Trips, & it was a great tool for finding local favorites & fun touristy spots. Google Trips stalks your Gmail & pulls in all your reservations & itineraries into one place - super convenient! Plus, the app is also helping me remember the places we visited because October was a long time ago!

Here are some of my favorite places/shots/memories of my first day. If you don't like or care about Boston, bail now!

When we arrived, the weather was gray & rainy, but the next day =

This was part of my view as I walked (my husband was at a conference during the day) to The Friendly Toast in Cambridge for breakfast. It was a quirky-hipsterish-haven to eat - I loved all the music they were streaming, & I had some great pancakes.

After that, I walked over to Cambridge Center Roof Garden - it's small (as it's on a roof..) but lovely:

 It's all kinds of pretty surrounded by buildings.

More off of the Harvard Bridge - just a gorgeous day!

I also visited MIT, because I might have been needed. :-)

At some point, I had to walk back to our hotel (in Back Bay) to charge my phone (grrrr!), but it was a good lesson in remembering to carry a charger. I was also able to grab lunch at Pho Basil - I ate there twice!

That evening I paid homage to Fenway:

The walk over =

Beautiful city! 

That's the quick version of my first day - if I jam all my photos into one post - too much! 


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