Friday, March 31, 2017

Home Fri: Vol. 10

Ornament overload 

One of my favorite things to do after Christmas is to hit the holiday clearance section at Target. I'm not able to do this every year, but I had a day off in early January - I figured nothing would be left but lo & behold everything was 90% off!

90% off, my friends!

I had also just purchased some clear glass ornaments at our local Ace Hardware (we have the BEST Ace!) for 50% off making them about $1 an ornament - score! I bought as many as I could & used the Target finds & some paint to make a ton of different ornaments. I'm going to use them next year on our tree or attach them to presents.

So here's why you want to buy glitter, ribbon, pom-poms, stickers, fluff, garland, etc. when they cost about 10 cents a pack (all the stuff I bought was well under a dollar!) - also, if you ever come across clear glass ornaments - buy them! They are so versatile, make great gifts, & are pretty on their own as they reflect so much light.

Here are some I put together (I broke at least two while trying to photograph them - snowy ice on your deck + glass don't do well together - doh!). I also used up some other craft supplies I had on hand: leftover ribbon, beads, yarn - it was fun!



 A little blue:


Mixed up:

And, one of my favorites - white paint (coated on the inside of the ornament) with Happy Mail stickers:


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Favorite Things: BookBub

If you love to read check out BookBub - not an affiliate link, just have been loving this site. I've been using it for about a month now & everyday it emails me eBook sales (Amazon, Google) - so it's dangerous too! It's free to sign up & when you do you'll pick which genres are of interest to you. 

It's fun to see what's available each day & sometimes, I'm a little relieved when there is nothing I have to download - my wallet feels the same way. :-)

Do you use this site?


Friday, March 24, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

I'm still trying to wrap up 2016 (how is it spring already?) & one of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. I especially love Thanksgiving because it means a trip to see family in New Jersey & a visit to NYC too. 

Fall in New York? Yes, please!

We flew into Newark, rented a car, & then made our way into Hoboken - I posted this photo before - it was our Thanksgiving day greeting & I took it as a positive sign. :-)

Hoboken has the best views of New York City:

During our long weekend we walked the High Line Park - it was my first time exploring & I'm ready to go back! It's a 1.45 mile elevated (old railroad) pathway full of art, gardens, architecture, people/pets, & some amazing views.

The moody sky stole the show:


You can also see the Statue of Liberty - you'll have to squint to see her in my pic, but she's there in the center of it all:

And again, that sky!



PS - if in Hoboken, get a coffee at La Isla (eat everything at La Isla!)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Favorite Things: Schitt's Creek

 Image result for schitt's creek meme

OK, I guess I'm on a TV tear these days. Years ago, I would have never been so happy recommending TV shows, but there's so much talent & greatness on all of our screens that how can you not? 

Thank you, Canada for this gem of a show as well its creators Eugene Levy (love him - Best in Show? one of my absolute faves) and his son Dan Levy. It also features the brilliant Catherine O'Hara - anytime you have Eugene with Catherine = funny, smart perfection. 

The 3rd season is currently airing on CBC TV (& I think on the Pop Network in the US - which I can't seem to get), but we streamed the first two seasons via Netflix & can't wait to catch up down the road. It's the story of the beautiful & affluent Rose family who suddenly finds themselves with nothing but each other & trying to figure out a new life in a new (we're not in Kansas anymore) town called - you guess it, Schitt's Creek

If nothing else, watch it for the wardrobe selections! :-)


PS: Eugene Levy's daughter, Sarah, is also a cast member - the entire cast is crazy-good!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Favorite Things: Patriot

 Image result for images for patriot on amazon
 (image via Google)

If you have Amazon Prime, check out the series Patriot. It is brutal & dark & violent, but it's also smart (so smart!), funny, & has sometimes brought me to tears. 

It's complicated. 

There are so many fantastic characters that are also very...complicated.

There's folk music, the Beastie Boys, Milwaukee, Luxembourg, Words with Friends, DC, track suits, "Red" from That 70's Show, piping (?!?), ducks, & puppets to name a few. It's not a fast-paced show, but once you "get it" you will get it.


PS: Also on Amazon & recommended - Bosch.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cape Cod! October 2016

In my last Boston post (see other posts here & here) I forgot to mention we had the BEST meal on our final night. We walked to Chinatown & got dumplings at Gourmet Dumpling House! It was kinda late & there was a line (which Yelp & Google prepped us for), but it was SO worth the wait. It's a small, loud restaurant & you will most likely be sitting very close to perfect strangers (only seats 24) but it's awesome & I recommend ordering anything & everything that looks great to you. That's pretty much what we did & I think the salt & pepper shrimp was a fave, but everything that hit our table was devoured. My only regret was that we couldn't take leftovers as we were checking out of our hotel the next day & would have no way to reheat food. :-(

Check it out if you are ever in Boston - it's definitely worth the wait!

We rented a car the next morning & drove to Orleans on Cape Cod. It's about an hour (pending traffic) drive outside of Boston. I'm just gonna cram in all my favorite photos here - Orleans is a charming little town & Cape Cod is well, Cape Cod which = gorgeous, natural, & fun.

Warning - photo overload!

We stayed at the Ship's Knees Inn - you'd have a to have a very hardened heart for this place to not cast a spell on you.

I mean really, how could you not love sipping a cup of hot tea or glass of wine here every night? Yes, please!

The owners, Denise & Peter, were kind & friendly & every detail is covered - I especially appreciated these (& am the nerd who took photos):

I want an alarm clock similar to the one they have & I've destroyed so many towels with eye makeup that I thought this was brilliant! They also prepared a crazy-delicious breakfast every morning: homemade scones, muffins, yogurt parfaits, fruit, quiche, & there were always snacks to grab & go along with coffee & tea. I didn't want to leave!

The icing on the cake? It's a quarter mile from Nauset Beach.

My pictures don't do it justice.

We saw seals bobbing in the water! And signs like this:


We spent most of our time driving around the island & seeing all the different lighthouses & beaches. We got to see a local production of Monty Python's Spamalot at The Academy of Performing Arts where we laughed our faces off! We ate a lot of excellent seafood - the Land Ho! was the winner.

And because it was October:

Found my first piece of beach glass!

Did I mention seeing a few lighthouses?

We also checked out Provincetown. Orleans got most of our attention, though.
And best of all, celebrated five years!

And, I'm pretty sure that's the most photos I've ever posted - thanks so much if you hung in! Looking back on these pics makes me so freakin' happy. It's freezing cold in Atlanta this week & these offer much needed warmth!