Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Years & another job ago (which feels like another life ago), my office had a Halloween-day-like-event. We were each asked to bring a treat to share. Happily & luckily I came across this post.

How cute is that? Healthy too! I wish I had taken a pic of my version; I need to make one again!

If you make this, be sure you have any extra long cutting board or serving platter - I kept running out of room & had to shorten him up. Or maybe I just used too many veggies?  Have no sense of scale?  (sometimes!) Serve the extra veggies you don't use with it, that way, your skeleton can remain a skeleton longer. :-)

And, if you need more scary-Hallowen-food-inspo, check this link out too.

Cheers & Happy Halloween,

Monday, October 17, 2016

Missing Cape Cod

Earlier this month I got visit Cape Cod for the first time. My husband lived in Orleans for about a year in his early 20's & I'm so glad he suggested it. We rented a car & drove up after three days in Boston (love that city too!) & had beautiful weather along with beautiful beaches, lighthouses, seafood - beautiful everything!

I will post more pics & details soon ('cause I don't want to forget such a great trip!) but for now, I really miss Cape Cod!

Can you tell?

We also celebrated five years of marriage on this trip - how did that happen so fast? 

We got married when I was on the cusp of turning 40 (late bloomers, unite!) & I wouldn't change a thing. Marriage has been such a wonderful journey & I promise, you enjoy things even more when you are older & wiser - good things are definitely sweeter.