Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Make this: Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Update: This original post had photos, but they weren't great (food photography is not my forte), so they've been removed.  

Years later though, we still love this recipe and make it often!

Again, cleaning out the saved blog posts (I love you, Feedly) came across this post from 71 Toes.  It's not often you find a recipe that's easy to make, super quick, & healthy.  

Since I read this, we've made these dozens of times.  The ingredients are super easy to find too.  If you are a paleo-type or Whole30-er person, you can use coconut aminos instead of soy sauce. I usually use a gluten-free tamari. I like coconut aminos, but my husband is not impressed with it/prefers soy sauce...so, tamari is our compromise & makes everyone happy.

I love these too because you can change them up to suit your tastes - ground chicken, steak, ground beef, chickpeas or beans instead of meat, green onions, other veggies, nix the water chestnuts if you don't like, extra garlic, collard wraps instead of lettuce? Yes, please!

For this version (made last night) - we used ground turkey, onion, garlic, powdered ginger, fresh cauliflower rice (thank you, Trader Joe's!), & I couldn't find full-on broccoli slaw, so I bought a bag of stir fry mix that had some broccoli slaw in it, tamari, & a tiny bit of sesame oil - it turned out great.

Wrap them up in lettuce (we usually use Romaine) & add some hot sauce if you are so inclined. :-)

Full of great veggies - only uses one pan, & we have leftovers for tonight!

Hope you enjoy & cheers,

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