Friday, September 16, 2016

Home Fri: Vol. 9

I get dressed & ready each morning in a half-bathroom (& shower each night in our full-bath), so not a ton of space. Whenever I can hang items up it's a huge perk & keeps the room looking neater.  

Here's a pretty easy way to stow your flat iron.

Buy an inexpensive potholder (the cheaper & thinner the better because it will be easier to cut through) - like this one:

Then cut off the thumb section making the finger section as wide as you'd like - mine's a bit curved & tapered:

Turn it inside out & sew up the cut side (either by hand or machine). Then flip it back & it will look like this:

You can also cut the other side for a more uniform look & sew it up as well - but this method is a lot faster & it's easy just sewing up one side.

You can then place your warm flat iron inside after using & hang it up!

Viola - it now lives in harmony with my makeup! 

I also usually wrap the cord around the hook too - depending on what kind of morning I'm having (if the thing gets used at all!). There is a bit of room to put the cord into the holder as well, but I usually wait until I know it's cooled down. You could of course leave the pot holder as-is & it would also make a great flat iron holder, but I'm not crazy about the look of a pot holder in the bathroom. To me, this looks a little more streamlined & it was fun to make. 

And for more ideas similar to this, check Pinterest - there are some really cute ones!


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