Friday, September 9, 2016

Home Fri: Vol. 8's been awhile since I've done a "Home Fri" (Home Fridays) - which bums me out because I love playing around with DIY crafts & making messes!  Such is a busy life, but here's a really inexpensive one that I hope you'll like.

Last month I hit up a Dollar Tree store for the 1st time in ages. I found these cute nautical-looking buckets & decided to use them as outdoor planters. If you haven't noticed, planters can be really pricey! Why!?!

Not bad for $1 a piece, right? They are also 2.5 gallons, so they can hold a decent-sized plant.

My husband then drilled some holes into the bottoms for drainage:

Another fascinating view: :-)

The drilled holes are totally optional. You could also use rocks or broken terracotta pots on the inside for drainage.

I then filled one of them up with another Dollar Store find (which I could not find on their website) - these spinning-wind-flower-pinwheels:

Talk about low maintenance flowers! :-) They would also look great with decorative rocks on top, but I don't have any right now.  I put them on the little, far backyard table that I painted back in June:

Better, more colorful view out to the yard:

And, they will last all seasons. Or, until they fade or the demon-squirrels in my yard drag them away (highly possible, ya'll!).  I also found these on the Dollar Tree website (I have no affiliation with Dollar Tree - just like cheap stuff sometimes!) - how cute would they be to put into the buckets for Halloween?  The possibility to change out these buckets/planters each season or holiday are endless (& inexpensive!).  

I might actually put real plants or flowers into them next spring/summer too. :-)


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