Friday, September 9, 2016

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

I lost my grandfather 16 years ago & he would have been 97 today. 

I am so grateful that I got to know him for 28 years. Twenty-eight years is a gift with anyone you love. And again, I'm so grateful that he was a huge part of & influence on my life. I miss him a lot & always will. And it's funny how & when loss hits you - sometimes it comes at you at the oddest moments, but I am happy for my memories.

He was kind & loving to me - kind to me even when it might not have been so easy to be kind to me (or even understand me), was slow to anger (so if he did, you knew he meant business), had a great sense of humor, was smart, & could fix anything - seriously, he was an excellent mechanic & could make magic happen. I don't have one negative thought or memory of him. Was he perfect? Of course not, but when I was kid, he really was.

And that's exactly how a grandfather should be: kind, funny, a fixer of all things broken, reliable, forgiving, & there. He was special in all the best possible ways.

Oh, & the man was handsome & had style too:

He loved cars.

A few of my faves with my grandmother:

And one with me! :-)

It's a pic of a pic unfortunately, but I love it & him. Happy Birthday, Grandpa!


ps. last year on his birthday I was driving to work & noticed these cutouts on a construction site fence/barrier. They looked like hearts to me (pretty sure that was not the original intention, but who knows? :-) - I thought it was beautiful. I'll take whatever signs of love & loved ones I can get!


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