Friday, June 10, 2016

Home Fri: Vol. 7


Paint makes pretty much everything better.

Once upon time, this little make-shift table was built & secured to one of our backyard trees.  The previous owners also had a hammock right next to it; we really need to get one too as the secures are still there...soon! But, said little tree side-table was looking sad. We use our deck a lot & this little table is in our sight line, so it needed some love.

Here's the before:


After a good brush down & a quick scan of our basement for leftover paint (read: free), I went to work.  

More love to our previous owners:  they left & labeled all the paint colors they used throughout the house - how nice is that!?!  

My pick:

It's an interior paint, but for this gig, perfection is not the end goal.

Pretty = the end goal.

I also added a little stencil:

From this cute book I picked up at an Urban Outfitters clearance rack years ago:

You can also find it Here  (yes, you know I love my Amazon affiliate links; thanks, as always, for the support).

I then spray painted the whole thing down with clear sealer.

And for some greenage, I scoured the front yard (also read: free) - we have lots of hearty Lamb's Ear:

When it blooms, it looks like this:

Much better:

Overall, it made me feel like this:

Later, I checked on the plants & found out squirrels must like paint (because #nature) - still love it though:

And, that's a wrap!


ps:  gratuitous pet shot:

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