Friday, April 15, 2016

Home Fri: Vol 6


I was so inspired by this post from Oh Joy! (so cute!!!), that I decided to try & make some chair cushions too.

Using fabric samples, here are the four I made - starting with my favorite:

and the flip side:
Party in the front, business in the back!

I would have loved to have four of the above, but I had to shake it up as I didn't have enough of one sample. Plus, it's fun to shake it up!



I really need to give that deck table some love...

All piled up & ready to go!

Instructions are included in the link above, but they are almost completely no-sew thanks to Liquid Stitch - this stuff is awesome!  Besides that, you will need:
foam cushion
needle & thread
chalk (optional) but it helped me outline the fabric before cutting

Overall, these weren't too difficult to make.  I don't think they are perfect by any means, but I love them just the same!  

I used two different fabric materials on the first one & they were a little resistant to staying glued together (I had to re-glue some sections).  The other three have different colors but are of the same material & therefore were a lot easier to glue together. Also, some fabrics fray more than others, the "bamboo" fabric (top of the pile above) shown in mine have a little fraying on the back edges, so it might be a good thing to test if this will be an issue/drive you crazy.  

Another great thing?  Get tired of the fabric or it gets worn out?  Change them up!

I hope this also inspires you to make some fun chair cushions!


ps:  Affiliate links above to Amazon - I often get my crafting supplies from them as I can find everything I need/want - and because I get lazy/love I'll have it all at my door asap! :-)

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