Saturday, April 9, 2016

Easter 2016: Bunny Cake!

This past Easter I got a bee in my bonnet to make a bunny cake. 

I've never made one, but as a kid my godmother used to make us one every Easter & we loved it to say the least.  What kid would not love a bunny shaped cake?  Maybe a kid afraid of bunnies, but not with this crowd!

I only had one condition/knew one thing:

It had to be covered in coconut "fur" as this was how my godmother made her bunny cakes.  Plus, I really love coconut.

From there, I hit up Pinterest & found a bazillion recipes that fit the bill. Thank you, Pinterest!

I scored a deal on cake mix at Publix - buy one, get one free - & found a Pink Velvet mix (who knew?).  I also bought a ton of candies to decorate the Fuzzy One & for the frosting, I made a classic cream cheese.  I love pretty much anything that's made with cream cheese!

What's great about this cake is that it only takes one box of cake mix & any flavor will do (or you can mix up a scratch batch).  There is also no wasted cake (a sin!!!) as both rounds will be entirely used.

Follow the box's instructions for making two round cakes. Use your favorite frosting - anything goes! You can also use almost anything you like to decorate the cake.

I baked the cake layers, let them cool, & then cut out the ears & bow tie from one of the rounds.  Again, no waste, the two ears & bow tie use an entire round.

Naked pink bunny here - avert your eyes if needed:

He looks very Playboy, no?

I very roughly measured out the width of each ear & lightly traced the cuts out before committing to a final cut.  This is a very forgiving cake design; the ears don't have to be perfectly measured out & if the bow tie isn't to your liking, you can cut it down as needed. Also, it will get a fat dose of frosting & shredded coconut, so any imperfections will be covered up.

Here he is all "fuzzed" out with the cream cheese frosting & coconut:

Applying the coconut is a bit messy, but you can pile it on & it sticks well to the frosting. I didn't have a flat tray big enough to accommodate the whole cake so I used a cutting board & wrapped it tin foil - this worked very well.

Now comes the fun part! How do you want your bunny to look? 
Pastels, primary colors, both?  
Minimalist or all-out-candy-everywhere? 
Again, Pinterest provides lots of inspiration! 

I didn't want to keep this all to myself, so I asked my sister if my niece & nephew would want to help decorate the Dude.  I was afraid they might think it was too immature for them (teen/pre-teen), but happily, they were game to help. My nephew led the decorating charge:


His ears, eyes, & mouth (including a tongue sticking out) are malted eggs.  A black licorice jelly bean makes up his nose along with the sour gummy worms as his whiskers.  Sour jelly beans were used to fill in his bow tie.

The cake was a hit & I want to make another next year.  It was cute & tasted great too.  Overall, it's pretty easy to bake up & so much fun to decorate.

Cheers & Happy belated Easter,

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