Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Meet Freddy!

This sweet girl joined our family a little over a week ago; as you can see, our other beagle is A-OK with her:

We adopted her from Atlanta Beagle Rescue and she is doing great with us.  Most likely, she was used for constant breeding and never as a pet.  She is still trying to figure the pet thing out.  When we reach out to pet her she often crouches down expecting the worst.  But, once she realizes it's safe, she will let you pet her all day, happily wags her tail, and will let me hold her in my lap like a lap dog.

It's estimated that she is about 6-years-old and we are trying to fatten her up.  When she was rescued, from a high-kill shelter, the crew could see her spine.  She is a little underweight to say the least (these pics are deceiving) and the hair on her backside and tail is a bit patchy.  I have a feeling she will look like new dog in a month or so; but all the cuteness is there and will remain.

True pals: 

We named her Freddy as we thought the name was as cute as she is and fun - this girlie deserves some fun in her life!


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