Friday, November 6, 2015

Home Fri, Vol 2

In Defense of Accent Chairs:
We got a new chair, ya'll!  

OK, well two new chairs but I'll get to that...when I was getting married, I also had two wedding dresses - these things happen!

Seriously, it was time for a new accent chair for our living room.  We moved into our house a little over two years ago & it's been on the wish list ever since.

In the meantime, we used an IKEA classic & 
I really do like the ubiquitous IKEA POANG chair.  It's fairly comfortable & it fit our space well.  We live in a late 50's ranch & the rooms are not super huge.  I also like it's "light" & didn't weigh the room down.  

Click here for some great examples of where it kicks ass.  A dear couple we know also has it in their home & it looks perfect:

                                                   It's the coolest pad in Hoboken, NJ!

IKEA was again on the radar as a lot of their furniture fits within the confines of our space. But really because I will take any excuse to visit IKEA.  I picked this one:

It was one of the smaller options & I liked the forest-green color as it's a little different.  It fit our space perfectly & is an uber-comfortable, soft chair.  It's homey!  But, the color was too dark for our living room (we already have a charcoal gray sectional - not sure what I was thinking) & it didn't look quite right.  

So now it happily lives in the front room of the house. 

Enter Move Loot!

I first read about Move Loot on the personal finance blog Wise Bread.  And, then again hereMove Loot buys & sells used furniture.  They are in a few markets around the US & you can read more about them here.  

When this West Elm mid-century modern chair popped-up, I jumped!

And YaY! The color isn't too dark, it highlights our rug well, & it's a great size!

So here's why I will keep shopping Move Loot (& no, they didn't pay me to write this - I wish!!!):

  • You get to pick your delivery date & time on a realistic schedule.  And the time windows are not cable-company-crazy long. My chair was delivered within a week on a Saturday morning.
  • They email & remind you a few days before delivery.
  • The morning of, they sent me a text as a reminder - loved this!
  • They called ahead when they were en route & then called again when they were 10 minutes out.
  • The delivery guys were super nice.
  • The chair was in near-new condition (as listed), arrived wrapped in plastic, & included a protective cover.
  • It was a deal - $60 less than full retail & less expensive than the IKEA chair. Delivery was free!
  • No drama & the easiest furniture delivery I've ever had.
  • Overall, they provided great customer service.
They are worth checking out if you are in the market for new/new-to-you furniture.  I also love the thrill of the hunt when I open their emails; you never know what you'll find. ;-)

Cheers & Happy Friday,


update: Move Loot no longer exists! :-(

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