Pocket Change!

Over the past 15 (15!) years, I've been side-hustling by doing product tests, focus groups, surveys, mystery shops, you-name-it (all legit, of course!) to earn extra cash & because, to me, it's just plain fun. 

Friends & family have often asked how.  I have had success with and use the sites listed below.  

Will you get rich?  No. 

But can you earn some extra cash or free products?  Yes.

Disclaimer: Some of the below are affiliate/referral links, also, your mileage may vary with each site.  My demographics are probably not the same as your demographics; while I may love a certain site, you may not.  Never, ever pay to join a survey site, mystery shop site, or rewards site - it's a guaranteed scam.  If it feels shady to you, it is!


  • It's helpful to create a separate email account; it's easier for me to keep survey emails separate from my everyday email.
  • Check your survey email account as often as you can.  Many surveys fill-up quickly or expire. If you have moved past email, many of these sites have apps as well.
  • Check your account balances regularly.  Sites do not email you when you have enough points to cash out, so check every now and then to redeem rewards.
  • You will not qualify for every survey.  Perseverance is key.  
  • Set up a PayPal account if you don't already have one; you will get paid faster than waiting for a check in the mail.
For the sites below, earn points or bank dollar amounts for surveys taken. You can then redeem for cash or gift cards; many of these sites also do product tests.  I LOVE product tests!

Global Test Market


ClearVoice Surveys
Valued Opinions 
Mindfield Online
Paid Viewpoint
My Opinion Now 
Opinion Outpost
Harris Poll Online
Pine Cone Research - Pine Cone is great but you have to come across one of their online banner ads to join.  Occasionally, they'll ask members to recruit and if I get a referral,  I will update the blog.   Volition.com (listed below) sometimes has Pine Cone ad banners on their site.

Word of Mouth Marketing sites:  

Share products with others and submit reviews.
BzzAgent  - link your MyPoints account to transfer additional points

For fun/test products:

Glamour Magazine's Glamspotters
L'Oreal USA Consumer Participation Program
Marie Claire Velvet Rope Club

Android Phone Users:

Download the Google Opinion Rewards app; take short surveys & you'll earn credits toward pretty much anything in the Google Play store.

Taste Tests/focus groups:

In the metro-Atlanta area, PVR Research 

Mystery Shopping/Shopping Rewards:
Mystery Shopping: Volition
A great article about Mystery Shopping via Forbes
Ebates - earn cash back for online purchases
ShopAtHome.com  - earn cash back for online purchases
Swagbucks - earn points for gift cards for web searches, shopping, & more 

Test websites:
Testing Time

This list only scratches a small surface. Please message me with questions & I would love to hear about other sites not listed or your own successes.   

Have Fun,


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