Tuesday, May 3, 2022

April 2022

Whew! Always happy to see the end of April because it means taxes are done! ;-) 

The weather was beautiful (sometimes a little chilly), and I love the sweet spot when the pollen dissipates and no AC is needed - it's a short run in ATL, but worth it.

How I feel after taxes:

We got back from Florida at the very beginning of April, and it felt like it took me the whole rest of the month to catch up.  We need to get our travel legs again, I guess!


The Patron Saint of Liars.  This is so well written (as is anything by Ann Patchett), but the main character is hard to take.  It's the point of the story, hence the title!

The Last House Guest.  My fave from April - if you love mysteries, give this one a go.  

The Infinite Pieces of Us.  A young adult novel from the perspective of a teen whose family moves from Ohio to New Mexico - along the way, we find out why.  It's a heartbreaker with lots of wisdom and insight.


Better Things aired its series finale, and it was perfect! I'm so sad the show ended, but I think going out on a high note is the best. I'm already plotting to rewatch soon, and it was one of the bright spots of the pandemic for me (as usual, I was late to the game).  It's not for everyone, but it has a huge heart. It's never too sentimental (it will smack you right back to reality - ha!); it often made me cry in the best possible way. Brava to Pamela Adlon (aka Bobby Hill - yes!!!)! I'm so grateful you made this show - you made the world a better place.

The Home Edit - Season 2.  Fun fact: I met Clea and Joanna at a book signing in Atlanta back in 2019 - I fangirled hard! Clea told me she liked my earrings, and it made my year.  Here's me (and them) with an incredibly squinty/cheesy face, lol:  

And said earrings :-)


Each year, we deck out our deck with herbs, tomatoes, and flowers.  Here's a portion of this year's cast of characters:

I can't wait to eat the tomatoes! I also love the way tomato vines smell (it's the best!!!). 

After a sparse year last year, we have tons of hummingbirds at our feeder! They are always so much fun to watch.

We have Irises in our front yard and they took off as well:

Couch to 5K.  I'm back at it! The weather has been so lovely that it's been fun to jog outside.  I've done this program a few times, and what I love the most is that you can start over anytime you need to or repeat days/weeks that work best for you. I also call it Running for Dummies because that's what I always need! I am the least qualified person to give exercise advice, but if I can do it... The key to jogging/running is to go SLOW.  You need to be able to hold a conversation without gasping for air. I probably walk faster than I run, but I don't care - it still counts. (Yesterday morning, an older gentleman ran right past me while I was jogging - that about sums it up. I was rooting for him!)


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