Thursday, September 20, 2018

Currently Reading: Lion

Since I am only really good (sometimes) about updating my "Read with me" page, I've decided to now park it on the main page & because my book page is getting ridiculously long (which is a great problem to have = more books read!) - so here you go.  If you are not a book person, skip these updates, but if you love to read too, please feel free to leave recommendations in the comment section.

And here's the needed disclaimer:

I am a part of Amazon's Associate Program -  affiliate links below. I have, however, read & purchased all the books listed - all opinions are my own.  

Lion, Saroo Brierley

I haven't seen this film yet (want to rent it now) - such an incredible, true story.  A lost child's amazing journey from India to Australia. Saroo's story is about family, love, hope, courage, survival, & finding the strength to keep going. 

Read this is if you need a kick of inspiration & believe in impossible odds.

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