Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Favorite Things: Master of None

The 2nd season hit Netflix this past Friday & I devoured it all by Sunday afternoon! 

When I first started watching, I stepped away after the first or second episode. My theory: I was way too old for the show (I'm guessing a married, 45-year-old is not the target demographic, but I'd like to think Aziz Ansari loves everyone who's a fan/doesn't care). Then I read his book, Modern Romance (it's listed on this page), & revisited the series. I'm sure I'm outside the target demographic for the book too, but it was beyond funny, insightful, & don't care!

Anyway, I am so happy I went back to watching the show. No spoilers here, but it does such a great job of defining & showing emotion. There's a scene in the first season where Dev (Ansari) & friends are out one night at a bar/restaurant & it beautifully sums up what it's like to be 30-something, single, & in a big city - living.  They are alive, it makes you feel alive, & remember (I hope) those feelings as well. 

How can we not love that?

The second season does the same thing, but even better. You are there in the moment with Dev & his world & it feels personal.  

It's worth checking out!


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