Tuesday, November 29, 2016

70-80's meets 2016

Santa is always a welcome guest. 

He's especially welcome when he shows up early. It might have been this photo that I posted back here - prompting the bearded-dude to provide a needed intervention:

My record-playing game got a nice upgrade to this charmer:

The sound quality is light years better than my little red player; this one has Bluetooth & even better, you can hook up a USB key & record albums to MP3s! This is amazing to me! My 80's Duran Duran albums & 70's K-Tel records (do you remember K-Tel compilations - the original mixed tapes?) have a new lease on life & it's been so much fun listening to them all.

Old records + making dinner + a glass of wine/sparkling water/hot tea in the evenings = heaven.

I love this is a suitcase style making it a literal snap to close up & move around the house or pack up & go. It's super simple to fire up & use right away, but it comes with a helpful instruction manual (read, so you can get full use). This player retails for $99.99 & I think it would make a fantastic gift for any vinyl fan - or, it might inspire you to collect albums  -there are worse things to do with free time :-).

Do you still listen to vinyl? Now I need to get busy transferring my old music into the 21st century.



I was able to purchase this record player with a generous discount (because Santa loves discounts!). All opinions are 100% my own.

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