Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wireless Head Space

Last week or so, I wrote a little bit about the Headspace app. Today will be my 20th day straight of meditating. 

Holy Cow - that's a record for me! For now, it's just for 10 minutes each day & it's 10 minutes I always look forward to & plan to keep it going.

I've meditated while sitting up in bed, in my car (when parked), on a bench outside at work & I am now always on the lookout for that 10 minutes & a spot to make it happen. Meditation has been suggested to me over the past two years by different healthcare professionals & I'm not sure what finally make me take the plunge, but the Headspace app has been integral for keeping me at it. It's "meditation for dummies" & gently takes you on its path. 

Why meditate?

I am sure the results are different for everyone, but for me, it makes me feel lighter, clearer, calmer, happier. Is my life perfect? Nope, but I feel like I can take whatever's coming my way a lot easier because I've been giving my mind a break each day. Overall, I feel a lot less judgmental - of things, people, life, & most importantly towards myself.

So, to facilitate all of this, I looked into some new headphones. I've always wanted to try a pair of Bluetooth headphones & these came my way. Anything to make meditating easier for me is worth it - they've been a great companion. They are affordable - about $33.00, have a range of 33', & cancel noise (a very nice plus when meditating!), & you can sync them to your phone or tablet. What I loved the most is how they instantly connected to my phone (they work with both Apple or Google/Android); there was no extra app to download, no drama - they worked out the gate with no problems.

Here's what you get:

And a case to carry/protect them:

They also come with three different sized ear bud tips (small, medium, large) & a mini USB charger.

And me, listening to audio book  :-):

I really love using these when working as they keep my hands free, I'm not tied to my phone, & can walk away from my desk (again, up to 33') & still listen away. A full charge lasts about seven hours (that's a lot of audio books & meditating!) - there's even a voice prompt that will let you know about incoming calls (that feature I don't care for when meditating...). I also think they'll be great for walking the dogs & exercising too - I've yet to test them in that capacity ;-). They are a great value, great sound, & fun & easy to use.

And, if you need more convincing about the benefits of meditating, click here to see how a school is using it instead of timeouts - amazing!

Cheers & give your mind a break here & there,


I was able to purchase these with a generous discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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