Thursday, September 22, 2016

Surgical masks can inspire dirty looks...

I'm a big believer in getting a flu shot each year.

You may disagree with the whole flu shot thing, but I do believe it's helped me stay healthy. The last time I had a knock down, drag out, could-not-do-anything flu was more than 20 years ago & I'd like to keep it that way, thank-you very much!

Except in 2009 I got the swine flu.

Looking back it's not too surprising. I had just started a new job after being laid off, moved/was living in a new place, had a new-ish relationship, & the annual vaccine I received didn't cover the swine version. I believe that change (even when it's the best kind) jolts our immune systems & because of that we often get sick.

Starting a perfect new job? You might get sick adapting to it all. Moving to a great new home? Same thing. (Please note, this is totally my opinion & I am not a medical professional :-)

Back in '09, I started feeling "off" at work & by the time I was driving home I had body aches & chills. When I got home, my then-BF-now-husband didn't think I was running a fever until we busted out the thermometer. And, yep, I had a high temp & was in my doctor's office the next day.

One of the worst parts (besides feeling really crappy the next five days)? I was super contagious & had to wear a surgical mask out of the office. I've never been glared at by so many elderly folks, ever!

It was a whole new kind of "walk of shame"! 

The point of this all is that each year I stock my desk with some preventative supplies (& get a flu shot) & I got to test out a nifty new thermometer to keep on hand:

It has a nifty case too:

I loved this because buying a thermometer is usually not on my radar of things to have stocked. We keep one at home, but it's ancient & I'm happy to have an update. This one is idiot-proof as it has an alarm (no need to count like in the good old days), super-accurate, & is very easy to read with a large blue screen.

And, if you are in the baby-making phase of life, it's perfect for monitoring your ovulation cycle - it has an alarm clock too so you can take a reading at the same time everyday - it will remind you to do so! Again, idiot-proof! I need more things like that in my life!

Oh, & wash your hands lots this fall/winter too - we all need more of that in our lives!

Cheers to health,

I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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