Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I'm Not a Burglar #MaxProCozia

When I think of balaclavas (aka ski masks - because I think of them often, my friends :-), I think:

  • That it's not baklava. Why can't it be baklava?  Anybody need a product/taste tester for baklava?  Hit me up!
  • My favorite song by Vampire Weekend - will happily test horchata too...
  • Robbers. Because, well.
  • And that I've never been skiing. I grew up in FL & ski trips were not on the radar & clumsy people (me!) probably shouldn't ski anyway. Also ski masks weren't on the radar either in the Sunshine State. Unless you were a...burglar.

But, despite all of that, I'm ready for winter & tried one on for the first time tonight. I think it highlights my eyes, no? I also think I could pass for a Ninja - I'm looking at you, Halloween!

So being from Florida, I asked my northern husband why balaclavas are needed, especially if you don't ski often or lead of a life of crime (but Ninjas, Ninjas are always welcome!). He explained they are great at keeping your throat, neck, & face warm during brutal winters when you find yourself having to walk home from a train station/at an outside sporting event/having to be outside in general. He said they were/are definitely needed.

And after trying this cozy one on, I agree! I was warmed up asap! Plus, it was surprisingly comfortable & super soft. The one I have (see here for more details) wicks away moisture, will not wrinkle ('cause who needs that drama), guards from the sun, shields the wind & is breathable. It can also be worn lots of ways (like as a neck wrap/scarf). It can do all of that & is lightweight too.

Again, I am ready for winter & to head up North soon. Anyone want to teach me to ski too?

Bonus, this mask also came with a fun head wrap/band.  I wear head wraps a lot (long story for later) & absolutely loved it:


That scary looking dude in the background is my husband; he's really not scary. :-) But plays the part well! It fits us both too - it's a little more snug on him, but we'll both be able to use it as needed. The family that ski masks together...

So stay warm this winter & grab this balaclava, don't steal things, & get outside!


I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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