Saturday, September 24, 2016

Poppin' Fun

I love popcorn!

It's always been one of my favorite snacks & I've owned this air popper for years:

It's pretty simple, you add popcorn, plug it in & go! Plus, it's a much healthier way to eat popcorn. Oil can be added (I love to add olive oil or coconut oil) but it's not necessary & you control the salt &/or any seasonings.

A couple of months ago I read about silicone microwave poppers & was intrigued. I really wanted to try one because, again, love popcorn & because I have a kitchen with limited storage & that this type of popper would take up a lot less space sounded ideal. 

And yep, I got to try out this one:

How cute is the color? This is what it looks like out of the box/pushed down:

It has a clear silicone lid too with little heart-shaped handles:

This is what it looks like full-sized/popped up (& after I gave it a quick rinse for its maiden voyage):

Add a quarter cup of popcorn (oil/butter is totally optional - I left it out):

Put the clear lid back on:

And viola - two minutes later out of the microwave!

It's amazing! 

The handles keep your hands from being burned when taking it out of the micro. Also, it popped almost a 100% of the kernels - it made really delicious popcorn even without oil, butter, or salt. So much healthier for you than "traditional" bagged micro popcorn (that stuff is full of chemicals you don't need!) & a lot more affordable. You can flavor & spice this up anyway you like - so much fun for movie night at home. And, if you need more - two minutes later you have it.

Not only does it have all the benefits of an air popper, but it can be used as its own bowl! And, as I suspected, the fact that it folds down is really awesome - it takes up a lot less space in my cabinets. After use, just wipe it down (the only small negative I see is that the leftover popcorn pieces stick to the silicone a bit - I imagine this would not be an issue if oil/butter was used) & stow it away.

Have you tried one of these - what do you think?



I was able to purchase this with a generous discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

ps: I keep my jars of popcorn in the freezer; it helps keep it fresh & I read it gives you a fluffier pop - I agree!

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