Thursday, September 15, 2016

To Echo or Not to Echo?

I know a lot of people refer to Whole Foods as "whole paycheck" but for me, Amazon is probably my version of WF & definitely gets a piece of my pay each month. 

I also really love gadgets.

The internet is fun & I appreciate Google stalking me so I can get to where I need to be! So every time the Amazon Echo goes on some kind of mega-sale my fingers get a little trigger happy, but I've yet to make it happen

I recently read this little e-book, Amazon Echo: Get the most out of your Alex Kit, (because I read non-stop & read pretty much everything/anything, y'all!) to see exactly what the thing can do & why I would want to part ways with more cold hard cash...

The book outlines how it basically can become your home personal assistant: Say "Alexa" & a command & it can start playing music/specific artists, tell you what's on TV, what events are happening in your city, read to you (yes!), the weather anywhere in the world, trivia, games, order a pizza! - you name it & it's only going to keep evolving. I didn't realize it could interact with so many third party apps (Google calendar, iTunes to name a few) & Amazon is helping to fund app developers (very cool!) to keep expanding its knowledge

As the device gets to know you it also gets smarter along the way.  Crazy!

Also, what's up with the Echo Tap & Echo Dot? It explains all of that too!

This book was quick & super easy to read. And while I liked all the Echo details, it was a little repetitive & redundant. But I now feel like I can make a smart purchase if & when I decide to buy one. If I had an Echo, it could buy me an Echo ('cause it can shop for you too!). :-) Check this book out if you are on the fence about an Echo; even better, it would be fun to read after you've purchased an Echo to get the most out of the device.



p.s. Also, you don't have to call it "Alexa" as I imagine it would be awkward for households with an actual person named Alexa - you can call it "Echo" or "Amazon" - rumor has it you might be able wake up the system up with a customized word down the road...

I received a copy of this e-book for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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