Monday, September 26, 2016

Cleaner Cleanser

Everyday, I try to use more natural "cleaner" products for my family, pets, & home. I am not a scientist, but I like the idea of reducing unneeded chemicals on me & my spaces. I also love the fact that so many natural care products are becoming more mainstream & even more affordable. I love the variety - even my local, big-box, grocery store has upped its game & I can find natural deodorants & hair care products.

There's also a great app I use called Healthy Living. You can scan products & it will tell you its EWG's Food Score - the higher the score (a 10), the higher the toxin levels. Ideally, you want avoid products with high scores.

My latest try fit the bill as it's a cleanser from InstaNatural - Dual Action Facial Cleanser Gel. I had never heard of this brand before but I looked them up on Healthy Living & all of their rated products had low, impressive scores (I could not find this particular cleanser on the app though). It's called Dual Action as it removes makeup & cleanses your skin without over stripping. If you are prone to more oily skin, this would be a great cleanser for you.

I love the packaging

which immediately got recycled after the snap of this pic. :-)

And the bottle is great too as it has a pop-top - always a plus for me as their is no cap to keep after:

The bottle is pretty too

To me, it has kind of a very slight lavender, "herby" scent; I like it. If you like a lot of scent in your products (which are often artificial) then this one is not for you. The price is comparable to a lot of cleansers - $15-ish dollars if you purchase via Amazon's Subscribe & Save. A little goes a long way & it's a good-sized bottle.

Overall, it does a great job removing my makeup (I wear eye makeup almost everyday & it can be so stubborn to get off!) & does not strip my skin (my skin runs slightly combination to normal). I do need to moisturize after use though because that's what my 40-something skin always needs. I love that it has lots of natural extracts (willow bark, sugar cane, apple) & no sulfates.

What are some of your favorite natural &/or Eco-friendly products?

If you are interested in going green with your personal care products, click this link for starting with the most important ones.


ps. if you use natural deo (which I have for years) - the key is reapply :-)

I received this product for free & this is my honest & unbiased feedback.



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