Thursday, August 18, 2016

Read/re-read the Classics - for Free!

Last week, I wrote about keeping reading costs low. Here are some outstanding books you can download for free via Amazon; all are classics (which is why they are free) - there are many, many more available, but here are some of my favorites.

In my book :-) anything by Jane Austen is a must read:

Ditto for Twain:



And, Dickens:



Some Bronte:

And, I am partial to Heart of Darkness because I studied/read it college & wrote a thesis on it (which got submitted for an award - I didn't win, but was thrilled).  The film Apocalypse Now is based on this book.

This list just scratches the surface; search around & you're bound to find an old favorite or a title you've always meant to read. I love reading & re-reading these in fall/winter - my Kindle is stocked up & ready for seasons to change. What are some of your favorite classics? 


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