Monday, July 18, 2016

Shredding the Past...

Is literally what I've been trying to do in spite of the fact that all I really want to do this summer is:

read - I've been updating my Read with Me page lots - please check it out if you like to read/have suggestions

eat watermelon


make/drink sun tea - iced, of course!

ps. I recently read that it's not a good idea to brew tea via the sun (boo!) - bacteria can be an issue; I've never had an issue, but there you go...


watch Parks and Recreation on Netflix with these two:


& hide from the news, which I know I can't but, lately?  I have no words.

So I've been shredding old documents/cleaning up & it's been surprisingly nice - freeing - except for the fact I've jammed our shredder more times than I care to admit...

I don't think I'm an over-the-top organized person, but one thing I am pretty good at is organizing our paperwork & keeping incoming mail in check.  Each year, I buy an accordion folder (like the ones pictured above) & create labels for sections like taxes, insurance, pet records, important receipts, you-get-the picture - like this:

After our taxes are filed for the year, I close it up & stow it away.  It works great until I start running out of room to store the accordion folders - do I really need to keep all the docs from 1999? 


So, I've been going through each folder, recycling what I can (I'm looking at you vacuum cleaner manual...that I no longer even have), scanning the important stuff & saving it (hello, The Cloud!), & then shredding it all - it's amazing!  I still have access to important documents & more physical storage space/cleaner house.

I also feel like I have a cleaner (or maybe clearer? both?) mind & soul.  Cheesy, I know, but also true.

It's good to let go.  

Let the past be shredded & only keep the good stuff...oh yeah & the tax returns.  Going through these folders has been cathartic - it's a trail of my former life/map to my current one.  In some cases, these folders reflect a completely different person - one with a different name (singleton days), different addresses, different jobs...different lives. Crazy!

Crazy & it's cool!

It's cool to see the incidental stuff:  old check book registers (I spent how much where?), holiday letters from family & friends (I only keep the funny ones), the manual to the over priced TV I bought in 2008 that's still alive & kicking, a"birth certificate" for one of my dogs that lists his parents' names (adorable), the receipt from the restaurant where my best friend had her bridal shower, all the stuff that defines our years & makes up our day to day lives.

I can't control the news or what's happening in the world, but in my little realm, I can make it neater, happier, cleaner, & reflect on all my years (the good & not-so-good ones) & look forward to the gift of filling many more accordion folders with life.