Monday, May 23, 2016

Calm that face!

It's always awesome when you get to try products you might not normally buy.  I do buy Aveeno products here & there, & think they're great, but I've never tried their ultra-calming formula. So, when Crowdtap opened up a sampling mission I signed up ASAP. 

Join Crowdtap (& see here for a list of other sites). They do great sampling programs & you can also earn points for Amazon gift cards.  I don't get picked for every campaign, but I always try & sign up for each of them. It's FUN to receive free samples in the mail.  

Especially when they are full-sized samples:


I tried both products & really liked each of themMy 40-something skin appreciated the nourishing night cream.  I don't think it's a formula I would normally buy (I don't usually have an issue with redness/need skin calming formulas) but it made my skin feel soft (not greasy) & still felt great the next morning.

However, the makeup removing wipes I quickly used up & would buy as an occasional splurge - don't think wipes are the most eco-friendly product - but so effective!  I wear eye makeup almost everyday (love, love liner & mascara) & these did a great job of getting every spec of makeup off without damaging my skin.  

Did I mention how lovely they smell?  

I'm also religious about washing my face each night; these would be perfect if I just didn't feel like it or was too tired.  Again, the scent is pleasant & would be great to use at bedtime & stash in your bedside table.

Bottom line:  I think I'll put the makeup remover wipes on repeat.  I will probably skip the nourishing night cream, but if my skin's needs change it will be a contender.

Affiliate links above.  Products were free samples from/provided by Crowdtap, but all opinions are my own.

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