Friday, January 22, 2016

Home Fri: Vol 5

Bar stool re-do.

You can pick one of these up at most big-box stores for under 20 bucks.  They are not the most stylish bar stools but they get the job done!  For some reason, we were left with one from a pair used in our last kitchen.  We have no use for stools in our current kitchen, and of course, only have one...

I probably would have donated or let it live out its days in our basement if not for this post of inspiration.  How cute and creative!

So, I decided to gussy-up ours too:

On the seat, I mixed up some paint colors I liked (it came out to be a coral-pink-orange-ish), taped off the legs and spray painted them gold.  The hardest part (for me) was getting the legs taped off evenly (and yes, I measured) so the "gold-dipped" look would be uniform on all four legs.  I also topped off the painted seat with some clear spray paint sealer.

And, it lived here for quite awhile as a plant stand/sorta-side-table in one of our guestrooms.  Its tall, slender size works well in the corner:

the gold paint is a little uneven but not enough that it bothers me:

But, a few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to paint the legs as well:

back to taping it up:

And viola!

The greatest thing about this inexpensive stool is that I can easily change it up again.  If I want to change the colors or move it to another area of the house (or even outside) - it can be done quickly and on the cheap!


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