Wednesday, December 2, 2015

+Fr. Linus DeSantis, OFM Conv.

An incredible priest I met through a retreat program (via the Archdiocese of Atlanta) passed away yesterday.  

I met Fr. Linus in my 20's & he had a huge, positive impact on my outlook on faith, friendship, & love.  When I bought my 1st house in a pretty shady neighborhood (that I loved anyway), he came over & blessed it.  That blessing saw me through 10-ish years of solo home ownership & beyond.

He had a wonderful sense of humor & always had a super-mischievous look in his eyes - always - he was quick to impart a smile, joke, laughter, & kind word to everyone.  He was beloved by many, many throughout Atlanta & I was so lucky to know him.  He made priests human to me in the best possible way.  

+Fr. Linus will be greatly missed & always loved.  

Please see here to learn more about him & his career of service.

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