Friday, November 13, 2015


It's beyond words to see your cousin's Facebook status reflect the fact she and her family are unharmed. The fact that FB check-in's like that even exist, have to exist in this world.

She was offered tickets today to the France/Germany game (she and her family live just south of Paris) but opted out.  They watched the game at home regretting not going when the news came in.  

I am so relieved they are OK (thankful for FB/fast communication across the globe) but so heart broken for so many.  I know this post changes nothing but I am sending peace out into the world and hope it reaches the City of Light.  

I hope it reaches everyone.

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  1. So sorry I am only just seeing this Shannon. Thank you for your loving light and thoughts of peace. Though time does heal, Paris is still very much in mourning. Your hope and prayers do so much more than you realize. Very grateful! Sending love your way too. <3