Friday, November 20, 2015

Home Fri, Vol 4

Sometimes you just have to improvise!

We have great Rosenquist print (that my husband got years ago when he was an art handler in NYC) to hang in our living room.  The problem is it's large (see dimensions via the link), not yet framed, & will be expensive to get framed.

In our last place, I hung it with the ever versatile binder clip.  It was not the exact look we were going for, but it was fun, got the print up, & we could at least it enjoy it everyday.  Plus, I got a kick out of the fact a print called Paper Clip was hung on our wall with binder clips, somewhat appropriate, yes?  :-) But, hanging art from binder clips is not the best way to keep a piece protected - from sun, humidity,  

So when we moved, it was rolled-up & has been rolled-up ever since. I am hoping we can get it professionally framed next year but I've been searching for some DIY alternatives like this and this too (plus it's fun!).

So here is my classy-perfect-awesome-one-of-kind solution to the blank wall we were tired of looking at:

wait for it...



Yes, I thought so.  

My husband got a huge laugh out of it.  It features a snapshot of our dog awaiting his 1st dog-sundae at the Bruster's drive-thru, a random sticker and pin I found around the house, and a photo of the Cheeseburger Taco from Taqueria del Sol (that taco, ALL their tacos are works of art!) - the taco photo was taken and sent to a friend out of state that also loves/knows said taco - these are important things in life!
And there you have it!

Cheers & Happy Friday,

ps:  the photos I used on the poster board are from a great app called Groovebook - you can upload 100 pics/month and for a few bucks have a book mailed to you.  

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