Friday, November 13, 2015

Home Fri, Vol 3

I almost skipped posting this this week because of so much lack of's been raining for the better part of two weeks.  We are Southerners and we expect sunshine!  And with the shift in daylight savings time, it's been hard to take a decent, better-lit photo.  I promise they will get better, soon! In the meantime, please humor me if you're reading this and thank you for reading this!


As a wedding present, my Mom passed along a gift from my Godparents of these silver-plated trivets:

A bit tarnished above, but still really pretty.

I even love the vintage box!

So after being stored in their cool box for a long while and never having a huge need to use them for a dinner, I decided to polish them up - much shinier:

and hang them on our small gallery wall in the dining room.  I think they would look even better with fancier nails or knobs - maybe down the road...

I love my Godparents (seriously they are the sweetest, kindest couple on the planet and have ALWAYS been so loving and supportive of me) and I love having them on display and thinking of them often - irreplaceable.  The photo does not do them justice.  They are also in a very practical place in the house as we can take them off the wall anytime and use them as needed.

Recently, I was browsing at a local thrift store and found these trivets:

I love them both - but especially the elephant!  There were two other owl trivets and I am kinda kicking myself for not buying all of them.  If you live in Avondale Estates and grabbed them - bravo!

They were priced at $4.99 a piece and then lowered at the register by a store-wide sale.  The sweet guy that rang me up reminded me they were $4.99 a piece, not for the pair (which I was aware of and still thought they were a deal) and looked a bit disappointed at me that I was spending that much.  I appreciated him looking out for me and my wallet!

Like the silver-plated trivets, I knew I wanted to hang them up and display their cute shapes.  I decided to hang them backwards in my bedroom for some much needed jewelry space/storage.

The backs have four risers each (because they are trivets!) which I figured would work well:

Voila - pretty and very functional - a little crooked (might be my mad photo skills too... :-) but a great way to display some fun jewelry!  If I display my jewelry, I actually wear it - plus, it becomes art for you and your walls.  Now I need to find some more trivets...

Happy Friday,


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